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Our Vision

To be a centre where you will be activated to be an influencer in the world by simply being the best you God wants you to be.

See what God can do trough you!!

Creating an atmosphere where people from different walks of life can be transformed, developed and  challenged to be the leader God called them to be.

Changed people change the world

Hier even invullen !!!

Our Values:

  1. Everything starts and ends with God.
  2. We honor one another to glorify God.
  3. We think Big and start Small.
  4. We are investors and no consumers.
  5. We multiply and not maintain.
  6. We will be know for what we are.
  7. We forgive and forget quickly. 

Jesus is the centre of it all
Valuing people
Active Faith
Taking action
Continuing growth
standing for unity
Imperfect but perfect in Him

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